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EAP made personal

Success and health aren't opposites: Long-term corporate success depends on a healthy system.

Mental illnesses pose challenges for companies: Key performers drop out, decisions and developments are delayed, and operational processes come to a standstill. The solution: an Employee Assistance Program, or EAP for short. It prevents mental illness and provides psychological counseling for all employees.

We assemble a team of counselors specifically selected for your company. Instead of an anonymous helpline, your employees know whom they can talk to if needed - EAP made personal.

The simple way to your EAP

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The benefits of our EAP

Our EAP combines the best of two worlds: We are closely linked to the company and seamlessly integrate into your company's structure. At the same time, our not being a formal part of your company guarantees confidentiality and grants us an outside perspective that can generate new impulses for your organizational work.


Our experienced psychologists, medical professionals, and social workers support your employees in occupational and personal challenges. Our counseling is practical, appreciative, and personal. We are there for you when things get tough - immediately and reliably. We do our utmost to ensure that your employees and your company are thriving. 


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"I came to counseling because I was afraid of falling back into my addiction. Getting an appointment with a therapist spontaneously was completely impossible. But in counseling I got help quickly."


Our latest publication on EAP

Learn more about our approach and strategy for occupational health management. Written by our company director, this book concisely introduces employee assistance programs - scientifically sound with practical examples and insights. (Only available in German)


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